Emmaüs, the main building

The area was purchased in 1904. One year later, the construction of the ‘main building’ started. When you take a look at Patershof, it concerned the right part until the higher central part. On 3rd November 1908 the Lazarists named the terrain and the building ‘Emmaüs’, a both biblical and symbolical name. Why Emmaüs? Emmaüs is a biblical place near Jerusalem. The distance from Jerusalem to Emmaüs is about just as far compared to the distance from the monastery to Patershof.

From Easter to September the Lazarists walked to Emmaüs every Wednesday- and Sunday afternoon and in Summer, in case of good weather, they already started walking early in the morning. Sometimes, some Lazarists also spent the night, in Bemfica, de Kajuit or in New Baltimore, in order to study or to recover from a long period of working in the mission in Africa, Asia or Central America.

On the first floor there was a chapel. In front of the window at the right side wall an altar was situated. For that reason there large black curtains were hanging behind the altar, in order to screen it from incident sun light.
When the Lazarists arrived in the morning they started a short prayer service here. These services were presented by varying priests.