Fish and swimming pond

At that time the over 100-year-old pond in the bungalow park was, completely manually, dug out as fish- and swimming pond by the Lazarists.
After Emmaüs was purchased, recreation- and relaxation facilities were developed on several places soon. Fishing and swimming were one of the favorite hobby’s of the Lazarists. For that reason it was decided to develop a pond for it.

Roll your sleeves up, it is about time for the ponds…..

The only means the Lazarists had, were shovel and barrow. You can imagine, especially when the pond became deeper and deeper, that this must have been a really tough job. Working in a cassock didn’t make it easer at all for the priests.

The pond became the first ‘swimming pool’ of the municipality Helden. Since swimming pools were rather scarce at that time, a permission was already granted from 1910 which allowed swimming in Emmaüs. Of course the local citizens also went for a swim secretly.

The pond was regularly deepened by each generation of novices (Lazarists’ students). Now and then the pond was ‘reclaimed’, which for example in 1946 took place manually. Later on ‘modern’ techniques were used like the reclamation in 1954 by amongst others Mr. Litjens from Panningen. He had a pump. Mr. Litjens executed a lot of work for the municipality as building supervisor; he also was a self-employed person.

The Lazarists started each visit to Emmaüs in the chapel of the main building by means of a prayer service. The servers were privileged; they were allowed to go swimming in the pond afterwards…..