Gardens and gardening

Gardening was one of the activities and hobby’s of the Lazarists. Within Emmaüs various different gardens were designed. A lot of time and attention was paid to it and therefore caused that the gardens always looked perfectly. There were ornamental gardens with small sofas and footpaths, but also vegetable gardens and lawns.

Green fingers and a creative heart
It is hard to discover the exact locations of these various gardens. Only the location of the Mariatuin and the Toneeltuin are known, thanks to the Mariagrot and through the map which clearly shows the amphitheatre.

English Garden 
When you walked through the entrance gate the English garden was located at the right. In the English garden there was a small garden house with reed roof in which, in an English way, a real ‘Tea-time’ could be organized.

Toneeltuin (Theatrical Garden)
Bemfica (see theme ‘houses’) was part of the Toneeltuin. At Bemfica you could climb the stairs to the stage. Between the stage and the seats the Lazarists had developed a beautiful garden. This garden didn’t only embellish the theatre, it also caused a buffer between public and players. In the middle of this garden there was a pond. This pond wasn’t just decoration, but was especially meant as sound support. Water ‘carries’ sound well. Microphones didn’t exist yet in those days…..

Hartjestuin  (Heart Garden)
De Hartjestuin was also called the ‘Javanese Garden’. The Lazarists tried to copy a Javanese landscape here, complete with Javanese cabin. The Lazarists called this Javanese Cabin ‘Het Kotje”….
Before the Amphitheatre and Toneeltuin were completed, plays were performed in the Hartjestuin. On the photo you will observe attempts to build a Javanese cabin in the Hartjestuin! This Javanese cabin can be seen on the photo, behind the décor, during a play.

Mariatuin (Mary Garden)
Around the Mariagrot (Mary cave) a beautiful ornamental garden was developed with the appropriate name ‘Mariatuin’. While you read this you are situated in the middle of this Mariatuin. For good reason, the Mariagrot is part of the route in the midget golf game. In the Mariatuin the Lazarists settled down and prayed to Mary.