Theater and Music

The terrain ‘Gietenhof’ was purchased from the heirs Verstappen at that time and should become a relaxation/recreation resort for the Lazarists from Panningen. This idea was copied from France, where such country houses of monastic orders were very common.

The most important activities (except for praying) were focused on theatre and music. Later on more sport activities like soccer, sports days etc. were added.

In the beginning the plays were still performed on a natural stage. In other words, the plays were performed on a hill in ‘de Hartjestuin’ while the public could take a seat in front of the hill in the grass.
Later on, a real amphitheatre was built in the so-called ‘Theatertuin’. The theatre consisted of a stage with different heights; both sides could be reach by means of a stairs. One stairs ended up in the theatre garden and the other one was located at the stage’s left and was also used as changing room for the theatre groups. Bemfica was located on the spot where nowadays the house on the camping is located, across the reception. The Lazarists described the theatre as follows: ‘Relaxation by means of effort’

The Lazarists paid a lot of attention to composing, listening and playing music. Especially the plays involved a lot of music.
In the beginning these festivities were mainly organized for own colleague-Lazarists, later on Emmaüs was also opened for external people. So-called ‘Emmaüs-days’ were organized for the children of Panningen and surroundings by way of thanks for the mission help.
A real Emmaüs song has also been written.