Die kant op! Daar is familierestaurant Klein Volk...

Die kant op! Daar is familierestaurant Klein Volk...

het gezellige terras aan de achterzijde

het gezellige terras aan de achterzijde

Nodig je ouders uit...

Nodig je ouders uit...

Family restaurant Klein Volk

The family restaurant Klein Volk, for young connoisseurs with a big appetite..., but of course also for the GROWN UPS..


The setting of family restaurant Klein Volk is atmospheric, yet functional. The tables are set up such that everyone, young and old, can enjoy the fantastic view of all the wall paintings and Peel dwarves. The children can also get down from the tables. There are toy boxes (Attention: parents, a train may be coming by !!!), colouring in and activity books at the special children's tables. In the reading books by author Ton van Reen you can dream of other times and dimensions. And outside? near the terrace at the rear there is playground with a slide, fun playground equipment and…and a real merry-go-round.


As you can see from the menu, there is a variety of dishes, prepared with the utmost care and hygiene standards of high quality fresh products.


Wall paintings

The wall paintings/frescos in the restaurant were done with great dedication by hobby artist Lei Steeghs from Panning, who with his wilfully personal trompe l'oeil style has almost breathed life into the Peel dwarves at Klein Volk. During dinner and in between courses your eyes and those of your children will certainly have something to feast on.



On the pleasant terrace at the rear of the Klein Volk family restaurant and following on from the Patershof Bar/Party Hall you can enjoy any dishes from the menu along with lovely fresh sorbets, various types of coffee and tea, soft drinks, lager as well as speciality beers and naturally also a glass of red, white or rosé wine.

At the bar/party hall guests can look forward to some great live entertainment by various artists on many a balmy summer's evening. For dates and times please refer to the leisure programme.

The peel dwarves of family restaurant Klein Volk

When wandering around the garden or walking across the grassy soil of the Beringerzand camp site early in the morning, make sure to listen carefully to the stillness. You might experience the magic of the Peel dwarves, a little people of its very own kind. In this restaurant they can be seen harmoniously united.

Each season reveals its own magic, which makes every garden so enchanting. These mystical little beings, the Peel dwarves, are the guardians of such enchanting beauty and splendour. They remain hidden from view to anyone, and particularly to humans...

They are dainty creatures. With pointed ears and long, thin arms and legs. They busy themselves day and night with getting flowers to bloom and watching over vegetable patches. If you arrange for a good plant mix of flowers and vegetables in your garden, you will help to support the Peel dwarf people, encouraging them to bring you luck and good health, for ever and ever ...

Saturday 11 August - Thursday 16 August

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 6

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 6

Saturday 4 August - Friday 10 August

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 5

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 5

Saturday 28 July - Friday 3 August

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 4

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 4

Saturday 21 July - Friday 27 July

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 3

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 3

Saturday 14 July - Friday 20 July

Recreactieprogramma zomervakantie week 2

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 2

Saturday 7 July - Friday 13 July

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 1

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 1

Friday 29 June - Sunday 1 July

Recreatieprogramma weekend 29 juni t/m 01 juli

Recreatieprogramma weekend 29 juni t/m 01 juli

Friday 22 June - Sunday 24 June

Recreatieprogramma weekend 22-24

Recreatieprogramma weekend 22 t/m 24 juni

Friday 25 May - Sunday 27 May

Recreatieprogramma weekend 25 - 27 mei

Recreatieprogramma weekend 25 - 27 mei

Friday 18 May - Monday 21 May

Recreatieprogramma Pinksterweekend 2018

Recreatieprogramma Pinksterweekend 18-05 t/m 21-05

Saturday 5 May - Sunday 13 May

Recreatieprogramma meivakantie week 2 + Hemelvaart

Recreatieprogramma week 2 en Hemelvaart

Friday 27 April - Friday 4 May

Recreatieprogramma meivakantie week 1

Recreatieprogramma meivakantie week 1

Friday 20 April - Sunday 22 April

Recreatieprogramma weekend 20 t/m 22 april

Recreatieprogramma weekend 20 t/m 22 april

Friday 13 April - Sunday 15 April

Recreatieprogramma weekend 13-15 april

Recreatieprogramma weekend 13 t/m 15 april

Friday 6 April - Sunday 8 April

Recreatieprogramma weekend 6-8 april

Recreatieprogramma weekend 6 t/m 8 april

Friday 30 March - Monday 2 April

Recreatieprogramma Paasweekend

Recreatie Paasweekend 2018

Friday 3 November - Sunday 5 November

Recreatieprogramma weekend 3 november t/m 5 november

Recreatieprogramma 3 t/m 5 november



Friday 27 October - Sunday 29 October

Recreatieprogramma weekend 27 oktober t/m 29 oktober

Recreatieprogramma weekend 27 t/m 29 oktober

Friday 13 October - Sunday 22 October

Recreatieprogramma herfstvakantie 2017

Recreatieprogramma herfstvakantie 2017 op Camping Beringerzand


Friday 6 October - Sunday 8 October

Recreatieprogramma weekend 6 t/m 8 oktober

Recreatieprogramma weekend 6 t/m 8 oktober op camping Beringerzand



Friday 29 September - Sunday 1 October

Recreatieprogramma weekend 29 september t/m 1 oktober

Recreatieprogramma weekend 29 september t/m 1 oktober op camping Beringerzand.

Friday 22 September - Sunday 24 September

Animatieprogramma weekend 22 t/m 24 september

Animatieprogramma weekend 22 t/m 24 september op Camping Beringerzand.

Friday 15 September - Sunday 17 September

Recreatieprogramma weekend 15 t/m 17 september

 Animatieprogramma weekend 15 t/m 17 september op camping Beringerzand. 

Friday 8 September - Sunday 10 September

Recreatieprogramma weekend 8 t/m 10 september

 Recreatieprogramma 8 t/m 10 september op camping Beringerzand.

Friday 1 September - Sunday 3 September

Weekend Vannix op Beringerzand

Weekend Vannix op Beringerzand
 met de Hermeni-j Vannix

Saturday 26 August - Saturday 2 September

Recreatieprogramma Zomervakantie week 8


WEEK 26 augustus tot 2 september 

Saturday 19 August - Friday 25 August

Recreatieprogramma zomervakantie week 7


WEEK 19 augustus tot 25 augustus

Saturday 12 August - Saturday 19 August

Recreatieprogramma Zomervakantie week 6


WEEK 12 augustus tot 19 augustus 


Saturday 5 August - Saturday 12 August

Recreatieprogramma Zomervakantie week 5


WEEK 5 augustus tot 12 augustus

Saturday 29 July - Saturday 5 August

Recreatieprogramma Zomervakantie week 4


WEEK 29 juli tot 8 augustus 


Saturday 22 July - Saturday 29 July

Recreatieprogramma Zomervakantie week 3


WEEK 22 juli tot 29 juli


Saturday 15 July - Saturday 22 July

Recreatieprogramma Zomervakantie week 2


WEEK 15 juli tot 22 juli 

Saturday 8 July - Saturday 15 July

Recreatieprogramma Zomervakantie week 1

WEEK 8 juli tot 15 juli

Friday 30 June - Sunday 2 July

Recreatieprogramma 30 t/m 2 juli

 Recreatieprogramma 30 t/m 2 juli 

Friday 23 June - Sunday 25 June

Weekend animatie 23 t/m 25 juni

 Weekend animatie  23 t/m 25 juni op Beringerzand

Wednesday 14 June - Sunday 18 June

Recreatieprogramma Fronleichnam weekend 14 t/m 18 juni

 Recreatieprogramma Fronleichnam weekend 14 t/m 18 juni op beringerzand!

Friday 9 June - Sunday 11 June

Recreatieprogramma weekend 9 t/m 11 juni

Recreatieprogramma weekend 9 t/m 11 juni op Beringerzand

Thursday 25 May - Sunday 28 May

Recreatieprogramma Hemelvaartweekend

Recreatieprogramma Hemelvaartweekend

25 mei t/m 28 mei

Saturday 20 May - Sunday 21 May

Grashoek smaakt naar meer!



Saturday 29 April - Sunday 7 May

Recreatieprogramma Meivakantie 2


Saturday 22 April - Friday 28 April

Recreatieprogramma Meivakantie 1


Friday 14 April - Friday 21 April

Recreatieprogramma Paasvakantie