'Peeldwergen’ (‘Peel-dwarves’) in Family Restaurant Klein Volk


When wandering around the garden or walking across the grassy soil of the Beringerzand camp site early in the morning, make sure to listen carefully to the stillness. You might experience the magic of the Peel dwarves, a little people of its very own kind. In this restaurant they can be seen harmoniously united.

When you walk in the garden, or over the pitches in the morning, the only thing you will hear is silence. Perhaps you will notice the magic of the Peel-dwarves, a small, unique folk. In this restaurant you will definitely notice them.

Each season has its own magic which enchants the garden. The guards of this magnificent beauty are mystic creatures, the Peel-dwarves. Nobody will notice them, they hide themselves, especially for human beings…..

Peel-dwarves are elegant creatures. They have pointed ears and long, thin arms and legs. Day and night they work hard to make sure the flowers bloom. Besides they watch over the vegetables.

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