normaal doet het 'baasje' dat....

normaal doet het 'baasje' dat....

op de camping altijd aanlijnen !

op de camping altijd aanlijnen !


Your pets are welcome, max. 2 per pitch.

Are all dogs allowed ?

NO ! Given that we aim to be a child-friendly camp site, we think it inappropriate to admit dogs who by nature might be 'non-child-friendly'

Attention: Visitors and guests are not allowed to bring any pets!

Are pets allowed everywhere ?

NO ! Pets are not allowed in our rental properties (mobile homes, group accommodation ‘t Witte Huis and Tipi). These accommodation are often rent to guest with allergies.

On a lead

As the owner you undertake at all times to keep your pet on a lead both inside and outside the camp site.

Dog dirt / nuisance

You must carry with you and use the MyDog bag we supply (also outside the camp site). Discard the bag in a waste bin after use (both in the camp site and along the walks).

Dog gates on the campsite

There are a number of gates through which you can quickly leave the camp site with your pet. You will be given a special key for the purpose (at Euro 10 deposit).

Rates for pets 2018

Pets, per pet, max. 2 per pitch, on a lead


Per night

€ 5,00

Per short arrangement

€ 55,00

Spring- or season arrangement

€ 80,00

Deposit key dog gate

€ 10,00


*** For all other reservations, the rate per night is charged