All good things of this Earth in the land of Peel and Maas…..

The region Land of Peel and Maas, in which Camping Beringerzand is situated, extends over the eastern part of Brabant and the northern part of Limburg. From way back this has been an area with a varied landscape, a rich culture/history and a good tradition when it comes to hospitality. Don’t be surprised when you hear people saying hello during your walk or cycling tour.

In Peel and Maas, our municipality, you will find various I-points: computers with ‘touchscreen’ which you may use and supply all kinds of information about this region.

De Peel

For ages, it has been a marshland/peatland which forms the natural border between Brabant and Limburg.

De Maas

Undoubtedly the most wonderful river of the Netherlands. It creates fertile grounds. The White Gold, asparagus, is harvested here. Asparagus is the Queen of the Limburg vegetables.

Walking and Cycling

Walking and cycling is a true adventure. Limburg has 3 National Parks. You can cross swamps and peat holes by means of rustic bridges.

What about meeting a shepherd in the dunes or a tour through Middle Limburg with National Park de Meinweg?

This region offers a great cycle network. The most wonderful tourist routes have been connected to each other. Easy-reference maps and clear sign. We definitely recommend a daytrip to the fascination hills of Limburg, the Eifel region and the Ardennes. Varied, incredibly hospitable in all seasons: That’s Limburg!


You can also make nice walks in the direct surrounding area of Camping Beringerzand, by means of the  WALKING NETWORK through for example Het Vlakbroek near the village Koningslust or… can walk the Fladderpad with your (grand) children and draw their attention to the flora and fauna which is described along the way.